The De Lorenzo Group

The De Lorenzo Group is composed of 6 companies, in different countries of the world, whose only objective is the design, the production and the sale of didactic equipment for technical and vocational training.

De Lorenzo S.p.A. and De Lorenzo Engineering srl in Italy, De Lorenzo Hispana in Spain, De Lorenzo of America in Mexico, De Lorenzo do Brasil in Brazil and Quality Systems in Egypt.

The De Lorenzo Group also operates through about 70 exclusive agents, throughout the whole world, for a constant monitoring of the world of education.

Short Company Profile

De Lorenzo is established in 1951 with the objective of selling to the Italian schools the latest generation electronic instrumentation. In the Sixties De Lorenzo starts designing and manufacturing didactic benches in the electrical and electronic fields and, at the end of the decade, exporting its products worldwide. 

Back in 1981 De Lorenzo is already involved in the field of renewable energies, as shown in the above picture that represents its first didactic system for the study of the photovoltaic solar energy.
In 1998 it obtains the first ISO-9001 certification and today De Lorenzo represents one of the most important realities in the area of technical and vocational training.

Areas of expertise

De Lorenzo designs, manufactures and sell didactic equipment in the following areas: 
renewable energies, energy efficiency, electrical engineering, electrical machines and installations, basic electronics, telecommunications, power electronics, industrial automation, autotronics, thermotecnics, process control, automatic controls, multimedia laboratories, biomedical electronics, industrial chemistry, food technology, etc.

More information on products can be found, besides in this website, in the following company websites:

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